How to tie the Knot

So, you've just become the proud owner of a little McTavish book and can't wait to get inside it and have a look, draw a picture, compose a song or write down your shopping list! So much so, you unwrap the leather strap without paying attention to how the knot was tied.

Then you finish what you were doing and get ready to close the book up but now you are confronted with this ridiculously long strap and no idea what to do with it. Fear knot! (I know, I know... I'll get my coat...). Here it is  - your ultimate guide to tying the knot...


Step 1.

Wrap the strap once around the width of the book.

Step 2.

Wrap it round a second time.


Tuck the end under the straps by the edge of the book.

Step 4.

Loop around the strap and leave it slightly loose.

Step 5.

Repeat step 4 and loop around the strap for a second time.

Step 6.

Slightly tighten the two loops leaving enough space to be able thread the end back through.

Step 7.

Thread the end back through the 2 loops.

Step 8.

Tighten up the loops and tuck the end in under the strap.


And that's all there is to it.








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